Friday, August 26, 2011

"The Artist" trailer arrives

This monumental hit at Cannes this year has finally been given a trailer.  After the poster landed a few days ago, we've been blessed with moving images from this silent picture.  The Weinstein Company is distributing this film, which means it will likely be a huge player come Oscar season.  I'm currently predicting it for Best Picture, Michel Hazanavicius for Best Director, and Jean Dujardin for Best Actor.  I've never experienced something like this in the Oscar race before, so it'll be interesting to see how a Buzzed-About throwback film fares.  Thoughts?


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Roman Polanski's a god of "Carnage"

Below, we have the trailer for the highly-anticipated and Venice Film Festival opener Carnage.  Based of a ridiculously successful stage play, Roman Polanski's adaptation stars a trio of Oscar-winners and one lone nominee.  Waltz and Winslet in particular look marvelous, with Waltz perfectly capturing the attitude I always imaged when reading the play.  It's still a mystery how this will play in this year's forthcoming Oscar race, but it sure is looking strong.  (Please mind it's enormity, overrunning the posting space).

And the poster, for good measure.

[trailer and poster via Twitch

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Posters for A Dangerous Method, The Artist, and My Week with Marilyn

Three of my most eagerly-anticipated awards seasons releases have new posters.  One I adore, another I enjoy, and the final leaves something to be desired.  Either way, I'm sure we're looking at the mug of at least 5 future Oscar nominees.

Below, David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method, staring Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen, and Michael Fassbender.

Below, Michel Hazanavicius' ode to silent films, The Artist, staring John Goodman and Jean Dujardin.

Below, Simon Curtis' much-talked-about film about Marilyn Monroe, aptly titled My Week with Marilyn.  Staring Michelle Williams as the title character, Kenneth Branagh as Sir Laurence Olivier, and Judi Dench as Dame Sybil Thorndike.

"I Think We're Back in Business"

(right around 2:03)

After much ado in my personal life the last month and a half (a wedding, a 2 week honeymoon, working constantly, and studying for the LSAT) I've finally found some time in my schedule to return to my blog.  My postings may be sporadic in the near future (at least until October 1), but they'll exist nevertheless.

Oh, and I'm painfully behind on a lot of new releases, but that's what cheapy second-run movie theatres and Redbox are for.  Regardless, I'm glad to be back.