Sunday, July 3, 2011

Emmy Predictions - Comedy Series

I'm saving the best for last.  I actually watch most of these shows on a regular basis, and the others I've seen a few episodes here and there.  That, combined with "what's out there," is what I'm using to predict these races.  Also, I won't be predicting any of the directing, writing, or movie/miniseries categories.  See my Drama predictions here.

The real nominations come out on July 14th.  So, here we go!  All my predictions can be seen over on, where you can conveniently make your own.


(Confession: this is my favorite category, if only for my Modern Family men, and that it's so fun and hard to predict.  So many theories abound!  Are they tired of NPH yet?  Will 2, 3, 1, or all 4 Modern Family men make it in?  What about Cryer; are they jumping ship entirely on Two and a Half Men?  Any chance for a much-loved newbie to make a splash?  Well I think we can all agree that Glee's stalwart standout Colfer is going to be nominated, and probably win this race.  As far as the Modern Family men go, I'm very confident in saying Burrell and Ferguson are safe; both have the industry support and the episodes, and specifically are standout comedy performances on their shows.  I'm wary of predicting Stonestreet again, since I'm conflicted over O'Neill presence in this race.  However, I'm sure Harris will be back for another fruitless nomination for How I Met Your Mother.  And with new blood and new love for I'm predicting for Parks and Recreation, I think Offerman is going to squeak in.  And between Stonestreet's obvious comedy and O'Neill's dry, I think they'll be forced to snub the veteran and nominate Fitzbo.)


(Knowing that Betty White is all but a lock for a nomination is almost enough for me to stop caring about this race.  But she's assured a nod, if not a win.  Emmy host and last year's victor, Lynch, is very likely to return not only to the show but to the winner's circle.  Two people who threaten Lynch's crown is the duo of Modern Family ladies, Vergara and Bowen, either of whom could win too.  Krakowski has manages to make it in this race recently, and I don't see cause for not predicting her.  Finally, though something is telling me to go with Amy Ryan in The Office, I'm predicting for a Bridesmaids bump and the third consecutive nomination for SNL's Wiig.)


(This race is uncharacteristically wide open, in terms of the nominations that is.  I think everyone knows who the winner is favored to be, if his name isn't already engraved on the trophy.  Anyway, five-time nominee Carell should be nominated for his final season on one of TV's most popular shows.  Past winners Baldwin and Parsons should be invited back, and with threats to win.  The last three spots are really a mystery, given there's no Monk or Larry David to take up spots.  Community had a strong season this year, and many were surprised when McHale was snubbed last year, so I expect him to safely make it in this round.  Emmy races are often about star power (see: Best Actress Comedy Series), and fewer stars on TV comedies are more famous than Rob Lowe, who, however, has had quite a tepid relationship with Emmy.  Alas, his questionable category placement may ultimately harm his chances, but I think his name, acting, and popularity of the show will be enough to push him in.  Finally, the voting is done with #1 popular rankings, which allow little-watched but heavily-loved show to make it in; McBride is such an actor on such a show.  If not him, then I'm thinking Louis CK for Louis.  A shame for Ed O'Neill, who could have easily made it in this weak race.)


(Linney, the presumed winner, is expected to make it in, the third in Showtime's Women in Dramatic Comedies series.  Last year's winner, Falco, I expect to return, as with last year's nominees Fey, Michele, and Peohler.  The 6th nominee from last year, Aussie Toni Collette I'm predicting to get the snub, in favor of Friends alum Cox.  Out of the Linney, Falco, Fey, and Peohler, I think we'll have a winner.  I won't say who I'm putting my money on, but I am saying that it's not Linney, who actually has never lost an Emmy race.)


(I think last year's winner easily repeats this year, but we're not talking winners just yet.  Modern Family, 30 Rock, and The Office are safe bets for traditional comedies, and everyone's favorite non-comedy Glee is sure to return as well.  I'm getting a feeling neither of Showtime's comedy submissions are getting in this year, and a surprising network comedy coup will take place.  You parents' favorite comedy show, The Big Band Theory, I think makes it in on popularity, unlike last year.  Finally, I'm one of the few fans of Parks and Recreation that thinks it has a real chance to make a presence at the Emmys; the show is in the zeitgeist, Ron Swanson is everywhere online, Rob Lowe was a hit, and EW named it the smartest show on TV.  I think it's the best comedy on television, and I don't see a reason why, if anyone watches a single episode of it, it won't get in.)

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