Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alec Baldwin and Russel Brand in "Rock of Ages"

What did I see while I was innocently scrolling through my Twitter feed today?  Oh just Rock of Ages and Hairspray director Adam Shankman tweet a hilarious picture of Alec Baldwin and Russel Brand (below) on the set of the film adaptation of the Tony-nominated Broadway rock musical.

I've never seen Rock of Ages live on stage, but I had listened to the soundtrack quite a bit, and from what I can  gather, Baldwin is in a pretty fun role as club owner Dennis Dupree.  Brand plays the comic sidekick of the leading man.  These are both supporting roles, so hopefully the over-the-top nature of Brand's acting and the apparent camp of Baldwin's costume won't be a hindrance.  I love Baldwin and I like Shankman, but I just hope the character doesn't go over the edge.  Can't judge a character too harsh by a cover though.

I liked Shankman's last effort, 2007's Hairspray, because he captured the spirit of the musical in a bottle.  Rock of Ages has a very lively if not heightened spirit, and I have nothing but confidence that Shankman will adapt this musical with as equal panache as he did with the 60s tuner.


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