Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Freud, Jung, and sex = A Dangerous Method

See the newly dropped trailer here, at A Dangerous Method's website, since I'm sure the YouTube video below will be removed eventually.

Directed by longtime cult director and often Viggo Mortenson co-worker, David Cronenberg is helming this adaptation of Christopher Hampton's play A Dangerous Method.  Hampton also writes the screenplay.  The film looks more vibrant, positive, and less dark than the typical Cronenberg piece.  Viggo looks remarkable and unrecognizable in his role as Freud, seemingly to be playing the confidant role.  Keira Knightley, slowly but surely easing her way into being important again, looks to be a pure fireball in this film, complete with sex and a very accurate Russian accent.  Recently seen as Magneto, Michael Fassbender looks well on his way to a Best Actor nomination for his role as Carl Jung.

It looks a little too romantic for me, but something tells me the flowery score and trailer editing has something to do with that, since I rest assured Cronenberg wouldn't stoop to a star-crossed lovers/European romance sub-genre.  Right?
If I had predictions yet (which I will soon, rest assured!) I'd have this film in just abut every category, based on topic and pedigree.  I expect, coupled with X-Men: First Class for this to be a big year visibility-wise for Fassbender, which is always helpful come awards time.



  1. I'm so glad Fassbender is finally getting the recognition he deserves! This indeed stinks of Oscar. Should be great, despite pouty-McKnightley.

  2. This is Cronenberg's baitiest to date, and looks to have his signature kinkiness. I'm excited for Keira...even if she's playing crazy, there's always been something I've liked about her.